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Nadia Calmet

Calmet is a professional Peruvian dancer, actress, folk choreographer, and specialist in Afro-Peruvian culture who has more than 25 years of experience participating in cultural exchanges with organizations in more than thirty countries as a cultural representative of Peru.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Peruvian Tourism and Hospitality with specializations in Public Policies for Vulnerable Populations, Child Development. She also has a degree in Art Therapy, Intercultural Education and Community Artist from CAL STATE University, Los Angeles. She began her artistic training at Teatro del Milenio – “Kimba Fa” in Peru, and then continued her studies with the Conjunto Nacional of Cuba, the Ayala Family in Puerto Rico, with Barbatuques in Brazil; she also studied Flamenco and Contemporary Dance.

She is a Founder and Director of The Afro- Peruvian Cultural Center – CEACA (Lima – Peru) and has worked as a choreographer and soloist for the legendary singer Eva Ayllon accompanying her on tours for more than 8 years. She is a scriptwriter, choreographer and artistic director of more than 2Peruvian musicals in different cities such as: Lima, Seattle, Utah and Los Angeles. She is the main initiator of the “Afro- Peruvian Cultural Day” in Los Angeles, CA a first for the city, and is the founder and Artistic Director of the performing arts company the “Afro- Peruvian Experience” in Los Angeles. This company, community activism, and the performance arts, allows her to continue to vindicate, embody, and give visibility to the cultural diversity of Peru. She has given lectures at several universities in the United States and in Peru, such as: Connecticut University, Purdue University, Indiana University, UCLA, Universidad Católica San Pablo de Arequipa, and among others. For her important work, Calmet has received recognition from The City of Los Angeles, The Consulate of Perú in Los Angeles, as well ACTA (Alliance for California Traditional Arts). Currently, Calmet works as a dance teacher and specialist in the African diaspora dances, as well as creating curricula for multicultural arts education programs in the city of Los Angeles.