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Joe Calderon

“It’s nice to hear a player coming from the heart and not the hands.” Michael

Joe Calderon is a musician well known for heartfelt playing and chameleon like ability to perform, record, compose and produce many different styles of music. Born in Los Angeles, Joe has been fortunate to experience multiple styles of music and cultures. His versatility has enabled him to work and tour with artists from all over the world. He has 2 albums as a solo artist with Warrior Records/Universal. ( We’ll Be Together Again) (Cup Of Joe) and is currently working on the next album.

Joe is currently endorsed by Godin Guitars and Rivera Amplification.

Curent live performace and recording projects:

Robby Krieger
Bunny Brunel
Kaylene Peoples
CBG project

Artists – live performance, tours and recording:

Dianne Reeves
Billy Childs
Ed Roth
Rudy Sarzo
Michael Sembello
Vilma Palma
Gloria Trevi
Juan Gabriel
Joan Sebastian
Alvaro Torres
Plus more…

Television productions

Al dia con Maria Conchita (Univision) – Guitarist and music arranger in house band.
HBO commercial (guitar player)
Budweiser commercials (guitar player)
Ally McBeal (trumpet player)

Song writing and guitar work on Lorena David film ‘BRAVO’