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Luis Horacio Pineda

Luis Horacio Pineda, a multidisciplinary artist, channels his creative energies primarily into screenwriting and directing. Raised in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, a city bridging the Mexican and American cultural spheres, he was immersed in the duality of languages and diverse cultural influences, shaping his artistic lens from an early age. His artistic journey burgeoned with caricatures of his mentors in elementary school, blossoming into an exhibition of his paintings at just 17, propelled by the inspiration drawn from celebrated Mexican muralists and a penchant for muralism that gained him recognition through Mexican competitions.

Initially navigating towards architecture after high school, Luis Horacio gravitated towards the visual arts, exploring painting, human figure studies, and sculpture at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. His academic quest unfolded at the University of Sonora, where he dove into philosophy, literature, and the enchanting realm of art cinema, fostering an epiphany that illuminated his path as a writer and filmmaker rich in cultural nuances.

After graduating in literature and film from the University of Arizona in 2005, Luis Horacio’s journey encompassed three transformative years teaching art and Spanish, and later, immersive experiences in the Mexican and New York film industries. His artistic repertoire expanded to directing numerous short films, music videos, and commercials across varied landscapes before steering the ship of his debut feature film, “The Devil’s Pitch,” a magical realism and horror, now in post-production, starring Tenoch Huerta, Marvel’s trailblazing Mexican superhero. Amidst these ventures, his joy lies in nurturing young talents through art, particularly cinema, fostering cultural connections, and inspiring the next generation.