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Nick Hon

Curriculum and Teaching Artist Liaison

Nick has spent his life in various parts of the greater Los Angeles area, where he has had the opportunity to experience music from a young age. He followed this excitement from childhood through college, where he completed a Bachelors in Music at the California Institute of the Arts. He has been teaching as long as he has been playing music, and believes that sharing both performance and knowledge go hand in hand. He believes that music and art are already a meaningful part of everyone’s lives, and that all experiences from the pedestrian to the, awarded, merit deep value. As an educator, Nick works to highlight the brilliance of music we clean the house to as well as musics and practices that play in concert halls. 

In a staff role with YMF, he is excited to share in the mission that is shaping a community of intentionally inclusive music educators to the end of creating a landscape where all musicians, present and future, have space both within themselves and the community to flourish and expand their experience with music and the arts at large.