YMF Partners with USC Sol Price Center for Innovation and Wellnest – Emotional Health and Wellness

September 22, 2022

YMF is proud to announce exciting new partnerships with two of LA’s most innovative and impactful social justice organizations: Wellnest – Emotional Health and Wellness, and the USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation. Wellnest is a leading provider of of mental health and supportive services to over 20,000 children and families from 7 locations across South LA. YMF is currently providing ongoing Music Production and Songwriting workshops at their Life Learning Center location.

In April, we shared that YMF was awarded a Community Support Grant from the office of Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. The grant was made in support of the ongoing series of workshops we provide tuition-free to the South Central community.

YMF hosted a workshop in August for Wellnest designed to allow Transitional Aged Youth to explore creativity and self-expression at the workshop, led by YMF Teaching Artists Kenzie Jones and Manu Beker, covered the essentials of beat-making, recording, and songwriting. Attendees shared their projects with one another and while gaining hands-on experience on the ins and outs of music production.

With the summer a huge success, YMF is looking forward to this Fall season to continue setting up new community programming in South Central.

In October we will launch a 3-month Re-entry Through the Arts Music Production and Self-Expression program for young adults impacted by the justice system, aged 18-24. The USC Sol Price Center is a nationally recognized incubator for ideas and illuminates strategies that improve the quality of life for people in low-income, urban communities. The Center will assist us in finalizing our own Social Innovation Model, and provide significant guidance in the creation of assessment tools and data analysis to provide evidence of the Model’s effectiveness and impact.

We are thrilled to continue bringing music technology and production workshops and programming to our South Central community! Check out photos from these events or follow us on socials!