Telemundo, “Echando Raíces”: YMF Opens New Home in Historic South Central

June 25, 2024

Last month, Telemundo featured YMF on during their “Echando Raíces” segment of their broadcast, reporting on YMF’s grand opening in South Central and the programming we offer. Some of our students, parents, and staff were interviewed on their experience with our programming.

Thank you Telemundo for sharing the word on the programming we offer to the community!

To read along with a translated transcription, scroll below. To read the article in Spanish, click here.

Many express their feelings and emotions through music. And today in our segment on Echando Raíces, I’ll be sharing with you where you can take free lessons to learn to play an instrument regardless of your age. 

With several decades of offering free music classes to the community, the Young Musicians Foundation opened a new space [in Historic South Central LA] for future artists. 

“This foundation, I think, has helped me a lot to grow as a person. Before, I was very shy and I didn’t like to socialize with people,” says Briana, a 15 year old YMF student.

Briana has been taking music lessons for 5 years. She started with the violin but now she is learning to play the harp and the guitar. These activities are making a positive impact in this student’s life. 

Janeth, mother of Briana and Diego Reyes, shares, “The change has been great. I have noticed a big difference every week that we come to the organization. [My kids] participate in the program ,and even actively seek out their instruments at home by taking the time to practice”

[YMF] offers its services to children and adults. Their classes are for children from 5 years old to adults. And does not only focus on classical music. 

“Our students explore different genres such as cumbias, pop, boleros, rancheras, oldies, hip hop, and r&b. We are offering instrumental classes in addition to film and music production classes at the YMF Center for Music and Creative Technologies”, shares Jessica Coreas, Community Relations Coordinator at YMF.

There are many young people who have benefited like Edith Pedraza, who has been learning to play the trumpet [at YMF] the last 4 years. 

“Now [at school] I play for the advanced band. And well, if it wasn’t for this program, I would have been playing in the band. “

This foundation benefits through other grant organizations, and help from private donors to be able to offer its services at no cost.

“If a family doesn’t have the funds, well, no problem. If they don’t have the instrument, we lend it to them,” reassures Cesar Tinoco, Community Programs Manager at YMF.

And the families appreciate it. They know that these types of activities help their loved ones to plant roots in music. 

If you’re interested in participating in YMF programming go to or visit YMF’s social media @youngmusiciansfoundation.