A New Home for Equity, Healing, and Empowerment Through the Arts

August 27, 2021

More than a year after COVID changed and challenged everything, we are grateful to report that YMF is not only still standing, but thriving. I see this as an irrefutable testament to music’s unique power to create connection, elicit hope, and spark joy. Music has the power to change lives and we need it now more than ever.

The folks at the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) know a thing or two about changing lives. Since its founding in 1989, HCHC has developed 29 properties, creating over 951 units of safe, attractive, and centrally located affordable housing which has changed the lives of thousands of formerly unhoused families, veterans, seniors, and people struggling on incomes well below the poverty line. They were among the first affordable housing developers to recognize the importance of combining supportive services. This is where YMF comes into the picture.

Becoming a Community Center for Interdisciplinary Arts that is an inspirational, welcoming, and responsive space for learning, experiencing, and creating music and mediated arts is central to our vision. We will offer programming that celebrates the neighborhood’s rich history and cultural contributions and we will engage with the community by actively inviting participation and contribution from community members and stakeholders.

The new facility will include classrooms, a media arts and technology lab, a recording studio control room, administrative offices, and plenty of flexible open space for large classes, rehearsals, performances, and presentations.

We expect to begin construction in October. If all goes according to plan, we anticipate opening our doors to the community in January, 2022.

Architectural rendering of multi-use space at the heart of our new facility. Note the tracks on ceiling, this allows for curtains and dividers to be set up in a wide variety of configurations to accommodate programming.
3-dimensional floor plan of the entire facility.