Music Technology Classes

Our classes in music technology and media arts not only reinforce the essential concepts of music, they provide the foundational skills that prepare students for the participation in the creative economy.

In fact, national job postings requiring core skills tied to music technology grew by 225% from 2007 to 2012.*

Students from 3rd to 12th grade receive progressive, hands-on instruction utilizing state-of-the-art music production software. In our programs students learn beat making, composition, arrangement, song structure, and basic recording techniques.

*Research by Burning Glass Technology cited in: Jones, Heath. “What is a Music Technology?” Smart Music Blog. 01-23-2018.


3rd-12th Grade

Students without prior experience receive foundational, age-appropriate instruction in the basics of computer-based music creation.

Songwriting & Production

7th-12th Grade

Students with an understanding of musical technology basics learn more sophisticated features and tools of production software and recording equipment with practical applications such as songwriting and composition.