Producing Success: Creative Career Pathways

Digital applications and hardware – from cell phones to computers – are ubiquitous and fundamental to the way creative content is produced.  In addition to providing foundational skills for participation in the creative economy, Creative Career Pathway Programs open doors to self-expression, personal agency, and self-worth, – building a platform from which participants can make themselves heard and realize that their voice matters.

Re-entry Through Music and Media Production

These programs develop creative self-expression through lyric writing, storytelling and digital music composition. The curriculum was developed to build Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills that music education is so uniquely effective at fostering. Students also receive workforce development skills in using professional-level production software and hardware.

Media Arts Workforce Training

A 12-month, paid training program for highly at-risk, at-promise and system-impacted young adults ages 18-24. Participants receive comprehensive training from industry professionals and hands-on experience in video and audio recording and production, editing, and post-production as well as “Soft Skills” training in professional communication, interviewing, and entrepreneurship.