YMF Community Music Academy Continues Online

October 2, 2020

Our Community Music Academy is a tuition-free music program open to any student in grades K through 12. Held Saturdays at our facility in Cypress Park, all students are welcome, regardless of experience or skill level.

Since moving to our Cypress Park facility, this program has grown from approximately 16 students to well over 50. Offerings have grown as well, including harp ensemble, guitar ensemble and intermediate mixed performance ensemble.

Like all YMF programs, the COVID-19 public health crisis precipitated the suspension of the Community Music Academy as well.

Community Music Academy Moves Online, and to Mondays and Wednesdays!

In concert with our team of Teaching Artists, staff, and input from the families we serve, YMF is able to continue providing this important and impactful program. Through a combination of Zoom classes, online resources and supplemental materials, we can continue to engage with Community Music Academy students and families. The first two sessions have gotten the program off to a good start. We look forward to continuing to refine, enrich, and deepen the program over the coming weeks and months.