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Pedro Tapia-Hernandez

Community Programs and Education Intern


Pedro Tapia-Hernandez was born in Los Angeles and was raised by two hard working parents who immigrated from Puebla, Mexico. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and an aspiring producer, songwriter, and composer. Pedro is currently pursuing a Music Technology certificate at Los Angeles City College to better understand how professionals produce music through technology. He joins YMF as a Community Programs and Education Intern.

Pedro was introduced to YMF through the Chicano Batman workshops back in 2020. Since then, he has been involved with the Lincoln Heights Youth Arts Center in their Social Justice and Teaching Artist Mentorship programs. He has experience teaching guitar, bass, drums, piano, music production, and music theory to people of all ages.

Coming from a neighborhood that is constantly filled with music, Pedro is determined to bring awareness and educate young people on how to become active caretakers of their culture and their communities through music.