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Neyva Sandoval


Neyva is an artist, musician, curator, and educator from the Southeast Los Angeles area. They are a mixture of being self taught and taught music in schools/institutions. Having played bass/upright bass in jazz bands, being in jazz choir, and fully immersing themselves in music programs from middle school to college, they always yearned for something different, which led to them cultivating their artistry outside of academia. In their time in academia, they acquired their music production certificate along with a Pro Tools certification at Fullerton College and proceeded to study for a short time at California Institute of the Arts. They are carving their own path as an artist and educator by innovating spaces and opportunities for themselves and others who resonate with their story. When they were having a hard time finding bookings as an artist, that led to them creating the annual queer latinx quinceañera concert/party experience “Kikínceañera,” which is still expanding to this day. Aside from creating their own spaces, they’ve also performed within the LA queer nightlife scene such as: Queer As Punk, HEAV3N, and Club Scum, as well as venues such as: The Echo, Coaxial Arts, Junior High, 1720, and more. They’ve also worked heavily with organizations such as: Chicx’s Rockerx’s SELA, Beats By Girlz, Women’s Audio Mission, and Fem Synth lab. Now being employed with YMF, they strive to continue both being an innovative artist revolutionizing music and the approach to teaching. You can find them on most social media platforms and their music at: