Our Future Home In Historic South Central


A Community Center to Inspire, Empower, and Connect Through Music and the Arts.

We envision our new home as a vital community center for music and media arts, providing tuition-free music and media arts classes,  groundbreaking concerts, interactive workshops and much more.

Music and Media Arts for All Ages
Programming will feature tuition-free after-school and weekend classes for children, families and adults.  Classes will include:
– Instrumental and voice
– Music Production
– Audio Recording and   Editing
– Performing Groups and Ensembles

Workforce Development and Career Readiness
Music Technology and Media Arts training to provide foundational skills required for participation in the creative economy.

Florence Mills &
Paul Williams Residents:

A Unique Partnership, An Innovative Service Model

YMF has partnered with the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) to create a uniquely innovative service model. This summer we move into their newest affordable and supportive service housing project, the Florence Mills Apartments. From this design-forward, 5,000 square foot space from we will serve the residents of both HCHC’s Florence Mills and Paul Williams apartments, and the surrounding community.