Community Programs & Administrive Intern

Brief Organizational Description 

The Young Musicians Foundation (YMF) empowers communities to find creativity, connection, and joy by providing access to high quality music education and experiences. YMF is fundamentally dedicated to social justice. We believe that every student – every person – should have access to the numerous, profound, and well-documented lifelong benefits that music education provides. In addition to bringing tuition-free, weekly music instruction to over 4,500 students at 27 partner schools and sites throughout Los Angeles, YMF also supports onsite community-initiated programming, performances, and events, and student scholarship opportunities.

Position Description

The Community Engagement & Administrative Intern will be primarily responsible for liaising with Teaching Artists, program participants, and community partners; connecting families and staff through our Parent/Guardian Advisory Committee; assisting in the creation of student leadership pathways; and providing general administrative support to our instrumental, vocal, general, and music tech classes, community workshops, and concerts. Responsibilities will also include scheduling, attending, and facilitating meetings; building relationships with local residents; assisting in the leadership development of student volunteers; welcoming new program participants; and supporting the management of community classrooms and media lab. This position will work approximately 15-20 hours a week from June through February and can be amended to accommodate the intern’s school schedule. 


This is a temporary, part-time, paid position to be completed between August, 2023 – February, 2024, exact dates and schedule to be determined. Interns must be able to work a minimum of 15 hours/week and complete a total of 400 hours by the end of the internship period. Pay is $16.90/hr. 

Internship Primary Project and Additional Duties

The creation of this online library of resources and educational materials will be critical to deepening how students engage with the content they receive during in-person instruction. Contribution to the library will require the intern to learn and exercise their creative, educational, and administrative skills. Responsibilities may include recording short video lessons and uploading materials to a learning management system, researching the historical and cultural context of the selected repertoire, scheduling and co-facilitating meetings with Teaching Artists to discuss content
and lesson plans, and communicating with families to ensure they are engaging with the materials. The intern will also have the opportunity to work with YMF staff on a variety of additional projects/tasks based on organizational needs and the intern’s interests and strengths, such as: 

  • Networking with community partners and assisting with community engagement events
  • Assisting with instrument inventory and coordinating repairs
  • Hosting student drop-in hours to provide tutoring and tuning support
  • Observing YMF’s team of Teaching Artists to identify best teaching practices
  • Assisting in the creation and unification of learning objectives across classes and contributing to the development of curriculum
  • Aiding in the creation of learning metrics and class prerequisites for classes
  • Working with YMF’s Equity, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion Committee to ensure programming is responsive to the communities we serve

Internship Primary Learning Objectives

  1. To contribute to the general operations of a fast-paced non-profit organization
  2. To identify and apply their unique skills and strengths to an organization’s mission
  3. To effectively engage with program participants, families, and community partners
  4. To identify and apply skills needed to contribute to the leadership development of youth
  5. To create and deliver functional, engaging, culturally responsive, and community-accessible

Skills/Knowledge Needed

Applicants should have:

  • Demonstrated passion for creating access to arts education
  • Ability to work with students from diverse communities in a classroom or group setting
  • An interest in challenging Euro-centric structures inherent in the music education system
  • An interest in exploring traditional and modern intersections of music across diverse cultural perspectives
  • Ability to write and speak in Spanish is preferred
  • Possess basic knowledge of music theory and a high level of organizational, multitasking, and office suite skills (Apple OS, Google Suite)
  • An interest in educational research, social media, and communications


2023 Arts Internship positions will be open to currently enrolled undergraduate (2 or 4-year) and community college students who reside or attend college in Los Angeles County. Recent graduates may apply as long as they have completed their degree between May 1 – December 1, 2023. The Department of Arts and Culture encourages eligible students from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as disabled students, to apply. Eligible students may participate in the program once.

Students who have already earned a BA, BS, or a higher degree are not eligible for the Los Angeles County Arts Internship Program.
Students who have previously participated in the program are not eligible to participate a second time.
Students who are invited to participate in the program will be asked to provide verification of eligibility via college transcripts, driver’s license, and other documents to show enrollment status and/or LA County residence.

There are no exceptions to our eligibility requirements.

For more information:

How to Apply

To apply to YMF’s Community Engagement and Administrative Intern, please complete the linked application. Applications will be open until position is filled.